YouTube Movie of the Day - October 18, 2007

(Reconditioning Batteries)

I generally refrain from political discussion for many reasons, one being that it is wildly pointless to legitimize your belief set to someone who has a polar opposite belief set. It's the same reason that I never debate religion with people. I usually just tell them that their God is false and continue to carve a into my chest with a ritual dagger crafted from the bleached bones of children. Today, I am going to bend the rules and talk a little presidential candidate shop and show you a YouTube clip that I can't stop laughing at.

This video is hilarious to me for a few reasons --

1) I actually know this woman. I have had drinks with her and hung out with her in real life back in New Hampshire.
2) I had no idea that she was this insane when I met her.
3) When watching this video, you almost expect to see "Ron Paul will dress us all up in matching sneakers and send us to rendezvous with Hale-Bopp and reconnect with our grandfather in the sky" pop up on the screen.

is a resident of Dover, New Hampshire and a rabid Ron Paul supporter. This past August, Kelly decided that, in order to raise Ron Paul awareness, she would drive her Chevro-legs from Dover all the way to the state's capital building in Concord, New Hampshire with a backpack full of Ron Paul literature and interviews burned onto CDs that she could hand out along the way. She managed to complete the 38 mile jaunt, landed a couple of interviews because of it and now she is planning on walking all the way to Washington DC from Dover, NH to raise even more awareness about Ron Paul, and apparently about the fact that she is upset about being born a little too late to walk to .

Now I'm not saying that Kelly Halldorson is a bad person at all. In fact, I kind of like her. What I am saying is that almost everyone that supports Ron Paul is insane. Not insane because they want to vote for him, but they are insane in the way that they voraciously defend and worship him. It goes way, way beyond all rational campaigning and support and lands somewhere in the middle of and acute sociopathy. Talking to these people is like talking to Mel Gibson's character in Conspiracy Theory; nervous, paranoid rambling coming from behind a tinfoil helmet worn to keep the CIA from reading their minds.

Ultimately, what makes this "movement" hilarious to watch for me is the fact that every ounce of effort poured into the campaign effort by Ron's flock of sheep only sets his credibility back even further than it was before they climbed aboard the Crazy Train. It's a shame that Lenin already has dibs on , because somebody is going to be pissed when they write about the Ron Paul phenomenon and they realize that it's already taken.

"The only bad publicity is no publicity" is a motto that applies to a lot of industries, but politics certainly isn't one of them.


Posted by KungFu Mike at 12:10 PM

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i guess she didnt walk fast enough, because she showed up after normal business hours only to find the other .0000001% of the Concord supporters and other NH tailgaters?!

Posted by: Nut at October 19, 2007 09:53 AM

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