YouTube Movie of the Day - 6/04 - June 4, 2007


The TimeWarner monkey finally showed up today, and my clacky box and I have never been happier. Since me having spotty internet service can be likened to a heroin addict on a treadmill with a fresh spike hanging over his head attached to a rope and string like the old donkey/carrot trick, I spent most of last week catching up on movies that I have never seen before and banging away at my first screenplay project. My friend that I just moved in with has one of those awesome Unicorn media hard drive cases with a terabyte full of flicks, so I've been watching five or six movies a day. I just moved to a beautiful condo on a gorgeous lagoon. I have a courtyard with a heated pool, jacuzzi, game room and I have a fucking boat slip...and I've been watching five to six movies a day. Embarrassing, but true.

I figure that I will spend this week showing you trailers and clips from the best movies I've seen recently, and to start it off is Takashi Miike's Koroshiya 1, or Ichi the Killer. Holy fuck, this movie is awesome...if you equate awesome with violence, which I do regularly. Definitely put this in your Netflix queue, as it is a great movie to watch with your friends over substantial drinking, or just to freak the shit out of your girlfriend/obnoxiously effeminate boyfriend.

Posted by KungFu Mike at 11:10 AM

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that looks fucked up as, ill be sure to download/hire it asap

Posted by: Anonymous at June 4, 2007 04:35 PM

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