YouTube Movie of the Day - 5/15 - May 15, 2007


I figured it out. I finally figured out why nobody ever won the grand prize on Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?--that stupid fucking host took so long to spit out the clues during the last game for the grand prize, that it was physically impossible to get all the markers situated, even if you had a perfect run. I know that it is unhealthy for me to be so angry about something that happened 15 years ago...but fuck them, it was a kid's game show, for Christ's sake. If I was a contestant on WWCS, I would have taken one of those flashing geography markers and sodomized the Chief with it, right after I bludgeoned Rockapella to death with the pocket translator I won as a second place parting gift. "WHO'S A FUCKING GUMSHOE NOW, ROCKAPELLA?! HUH?!? NICE FUCKING HAIRCUTS, GUYS!!! COME ON, DO IT ROCKAPELLAAAAA!!! DOOOOO IIIITTTTTT!!!"

Posted by KungFu Mike at 8:17 AM

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I recall watching that specific episode the first time it went on air. I was in "training" for going on that show and winning something (probably a complete set of the Encyclopedia Britannica).

I recall this episode specifically because my father was losing his shit about his son going on a show that was so obviously rigged.

Posted by: HalfNelson at May 15, 2007 08:45 PM

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