Updates, Updates, Updates. - October 2, 2007

(Reconditioning Batteries)

I figured that I would use the precious few hours between writing, interviewing and feasting on the souls of unborn children for jobs to fill my flock of sheep in on a few things.

~I am busy. Very, very busy. As I've mentioned before, I am currently tacked down by a heavy interviewing schedule in the search for a new job. In a perfect world, I would be able to support myself using this site's revenues alone, but alas--that day is not today. This won't affect the quality of work that I publish, nor does it mean that the time between new entries will grow. Put your razor blade down. Don't jump. I'm sure that Hellebrities will get noticed and you'll end up seeing my name in credits scrolling down your TV screen tuned to Adult Swim as you fall asleep with your jizz sock on your chest.

~I've got about seven more stories outlined, and I'm in the middle of fleshing out three of them, so keep posted for new entries. I'm also working on a handful of screenplay projects (Hellebrities being one of them. Again), and when I feel like it I'm going to go ahead and post them on here. I think it's kind of cool because I can't think of many websites/blogs that someone can go to and flip through unfinished/unedited ideas for screenplays. Everybody is so concerned with polishing a Final Draft turd into a finished product and then committing themselves to hiding it from the world. I am relatively new to screenwriting, and that means that I have created a lot of bullshit scripts and even more scripts that have been deemed unworthy of going forward with for whatever reason. In a way, this is a sounding board for ideas and comments regarding those entries, not just a recycling bin for my horse shit.

~Accompanied by today's YouTube Movie of the Week will be an invite by me for all of you readers to add me as a friend to your frivolous, HTML choked Myspace profile. There are only a few places that I announce when a new story is up; , and the . Of course you always have the option to have them shits hooked up to so that you are perpetually alerted when new material is published, but the bulk of you jackals have no idea what that is, nor have you any ambition to learn about it. Regardless, I reluctantly admit that I am a Myspace whore, and it is there (in blogs and bulletins) that I will announce all sorts of shit, like when a new YouTube Movie of the Day goes up on KungFu Mike.net, what cities I am visiting and when, other material that doesn't make it on to this website, what I ate for breakfast today, how hungover I am and boner measurements updated twice daily. How you can pass that up is beyond me.

As for your YouTube Movie of the Day, I know that WWTDD already covered this, but fucking a, this is hilarious. I remember my dad always hating David Letterman. "Why would you ever watch that crap, Mikey? Don't you see how he treats elderly people on that show? He has no respect, the fucking prick (insert burp and/or fart here)." I never understood the reasoning behind my dad's opinion, because old people are creepy and any guy who will take eight minutes out of his show to use Paris Hilton as a verbal punching bag is alright in my book. Now if he would go ahead and use elderly people as an actual punching bag? Well, excuse me while I take a cold shower.

Posted by KungFu Mike at 9:10 AM

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What are you talking about? There should be an entire network devoted to socking defensless people in the face.

(Think about how easy the screenplays would be)

Posted by: babyscrambler at October 2, 2007 01:35 PM

Paris Hilton...yuck.

Posted by: Wayland at October 3, 2007 07:55 PM

Best 8 minutes of life. Ever.

Posted by: zach retox at October 5, 2007 12:48 PM

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