The Naked Trucker & T-Bones Show Sucks - January 20, 2007

(Reconditioning Batteries)

Did I accidentally skip out on a bar tab while I was drinking with David Allen? Could I have unintentionally fucked Leigh Koechner on a diaper changing station in an In-n-Out ladies bathroom? I've been racking my brain since Wednesday night, searching for a moment where I might have done either Dave wrong, because that is the only way I can feasibly rationalize them putting the on the air - in the hopes that it would be unfunny enough to make my internal organs liquefy and drool out of my asshole.

Some say that the Naked Trucker & T-Bones Show was developed in secret by the medical community for surgical procedures as an alternative to risky drug sedation.

I'm sitting here writing this, and I am having such a hard time describing just how awful this fucking show is. I have never seen anything on television that posessed absolutely zero redeeming qualities before this. It's like they took an episode of The Red Green Show, edited out all 12 seconds of moderately funny material and superimposed themselves onto a canvas of suck. The fireplace channel is funnier. No signal "snow" is funnier. Ray Romano is fucking hilarious when compared to this (and my fingers started to bleed when I typed that).

I remember a public access channel back when I lived in MA that was nothing but a camera pointed at a pigeon's nest. I couldn't believe that somebody thought that "Reality Pigeon TV" would be a great idea. Now, not only do I think it is funnier than the Naked Trucker & T-Bones Show, but I can actually picture myself furiously masturbating to the thought watching filthy pigeons instead of the Naked Trucker & T-Bones Show. In fact, I'm doing it right now. Thwap thwap thwap. Oooh yeah, eat that fucking gravel, you whore. Oooh fuck. Thwap thwap thwap.

"Maaaaaaaaa, this show isn't funny maaaaaaaa. Why is the trucker naked maaaaaaaaaa?!"

From what I gather, Comedy Central has picked this up for 8 episodes. Eight. Unbearably. Mediocre. Episodes. Now I'm not a gambling man by any stretch, but if this show acually stays on for the allotted 8 slots, I will eat a fistful of my own hair.

Posted by KungFu Mike at 7:20 PM

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When you said "The Red Green Show" had 12 seconds of moderately funny material, were you talking per episode or the entire series? I'm gonna guess it's the latter.

Posted by: carrymehome at January 21, 2007 05:23 PM

Glad to see that I'm not the only one wondering how that pile of horse shit got on TV.

Posted by: Towelie at January 21, 2007 09:28 PM

You know, I never understood how people were able to go through with suicide... Until I saw that show.

Posted by: GPT987 at January 21, 2007 10:26 PM

That's really sad... that you felt compelled to rave about the naked trucker and t-bone. when Sarah Sliverman just happens to be on the same channel whose humor is on parrs with the kindergarden "dooty". I mean there ad was kind of funny. But sadly like most of your lost generation (Generation X suX) you just cannot appricate a redneck comedy. you are so close minded like most of your know nothing, judgemental, throwing stones at niggers, immigrant job taking, gay disowning generation. Your the kind of people who think that south park is just a show of fart jokes and talking poop. You shame Rudius Media.

KungFu Mike Edit: This is, hands down, the best comment I have ever gotten.

Posted by: rubbav1 at January 22, 2007 11:46 AM

Funny as all dead babies in hell. Congratulations.

Posted by: ahoy at January 25, 2007 09:34 AM

that guy is a douche and he doesnt know what hes talking about. redneck comedy? that show isnt redneck comedy. redneckl comedu is foxworthy or ron white or someone like that. hell even blue collar tv was better than this. this show is the equivalent of masterbating with sandpaper.

id rather listen to dane cook rant about absolutely nothing (note: i fucking hate dane cook more than anyone...well...maybe i hate carlos mencia more but thats a totally different story.) than watch this pile of dog shit they call a show. its really sad too, because the guy that plays T-Bones was pretty funnny in anchorman and ricky bobby. but probably most because he was with will ferrell. fuck this show.

Posted by: Anonymous at January 25, 2007 12:47 PM

i hate to disappoint a hater, but uh...KFM isn't "generation x" according to mass opinion:

nor am i.

Posted by: erratiKate at February 3, 2007 06:33 PM

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