Nature vs. Nurture - April 8, 2008

(Reconditioning Batteries)

One day when I was 4 years old we had a couple of plumbers come into the house to fix a burst pipe under our sink. I crawled off of the couch in the living room and shuffled into the kitchen, scuffing the sweaty feet of my bunny suit on the carpet and dragging my teddy bear by the arm to watch the two men work.

One of them turned around, saw me, and said hello.

Plumber 1: "Hey little buddy! Whatcha up to?! Those sure are some nice PJ's you got on!"

Me: "You are stupid."

Plumber 1 just stood there while Plumber 2 pointed at him and laughed.

Me: "You are stupid too."

Plumber 2 stopped laughing. I then dragged my teddy bear back into the living room and finished watching Kids Court.

Posted by KungFu Mike at 10:53 AM

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