Failed Attempts at AIM Booty Calls - December 2, 2006


kungfumike: if you come over here with food, I'll let you sleep in my bed
chick: eh well, fuck em
chick: oh, now there's a proposal that i can't pass up
kungfumike: tell me about it....I had to shut my cellphone off because of it
chick: i'll hop on my broom right now
chick: lol
chick: that's why you're asking me at this hour of night, right?
chick: i'll hop on my broom, go through drivethru
chick: and bring you some grub
kungfumike: Look...my bed is cold, it could be warm...it is Saturday night...why not?! We are young
chick: although food does sound good
chick: lol
chick: i am taken
kungfumike: And you might be hungry too
chick: that's why not
chick: might be
kungfumike: you arent hungry?
chick: i'm more thirsty than hungry
chick: i might be hungry
chick: a little bit
chick: yes
kungfumike: come over!
chick: no
kungfumike: you lose
chick: i lost the first time
kungfumike: what...with an orgasm?!
chick: now i'm out of the game
chick: ?
kungfumike: I call that winning hun
chick: lol
chick: that's not what i'm talking about
chick: but we'll leave it at that
chick: no
kungfumike: I thought you had one
kungfumike: you didnt?!
chick: we're on two totally different subjects here
chick: i did
kungfumike: was it a good one?
chick: yes
kungfumike: really? so I was ok in bed then? how would you rate me?
chick: you're so cute
chick: yes, you were good
kungfumike: be honest
chick: ?
chick: i'm blushing bastard
chick: over the internet
chick: fucking blushing
chick: :-[
chick: it was good - do you want the scale?
kungfumike: yes
kungfumike: scale me
chick: lol
chick: 8
chick: happy?
kungfumike: out of 10?
chick: i've never actually ... told a guy what he rated before
chick: yes
chick: 1-10, you're an 8
kungfumike: what did I do wrong?
chick: nothing
kungfumike: then how am I an 8
chick: i think that it was just an... interesting situation
chick: are you getting offended?
chick: 'cause if so... don't
chick: most rate about a 3
chick: and i only would give a 10 to someone that i was in love with
kungfumike: I normally get a 9 or a 10...why do you think I'm so cocky
chick: lol
chick: lmfao
chick: you ask girls this on a regular basis?
chick: you're a trip
kungfumike: no, they usually just tell me
chick: nice
kungfumike: when they catch their breath
chick: ah...well...
chick: maybe i'm just a little harder to have ...
chick: well
chick: i don't know
chick: let's put it this way
chick: you got me off
chick: which is kind of a rare occurance
kungfumike: kind of?
chick: it is a rare occurance
kungfumike: that is because my penis is Gods magic wand
chick: lol
chick: i thought that you were atheist?
kungfumike: I do what it tells me
chick: lmfao
chick: men only have enough blood to run one head at a time
chick: so when are you going to comment on my profile, bitch?
chick: or is this a one-sided friendship like i've pretty much gathered it to be...
chick: ?
chick: still there?
kungfumike: yeah
kungfumike: still hungry and horny
chick: i'm crying little shiny tears for you
chick: i promise
kungfumike: good
kungfumike: but that doesnt fill my belly

Posted by KungFu Mike at 4:33 PM

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Fucking priceless! You sir, are the man.

Posted by: Dave (The Dude) at December 13, 2006 09:31 AM

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