AIM with an Indian Girl - December 4, 2006

(Reconditioning Batteries)

benditlikebeckham: i think the funny part about lame dudes is, they continue to be lame.

benditlikebeckham: i have had some of the biggest tools come up to me, and start stuttering.

benditlikebeckham: why? why bother if you are that nervous?

benditlikebeckham: i'm a little mean, sometimes.

kungfumike: They just want to taste the dark meat, can you blame them?

benditlikebeckham: ewww!

benditlikebeckham: that's all i can say

benditlikebeckham: gross

benditlikebeckham: i have had dudes, say, "How do you say 'white' in your langauge?"

kungfumike: Hahahaha

benditlikebeckham: that was the guy's pick-up line

benditlikebeckham: oh yeah

benditlikebeckham: i said, "Cracker."

kungfumike: If I wanted to pick you up, I would tell you that I had tandori chicken and a mach 3 razor back at my place

benditlikebeckham: yeah, that one was a winner

benditlikebeckham: hahahahahha

benditlikebeckham: oh, dude!

benditlikebeckham: i'm not hairy!

kungfumike: Suuuuure you're not

benditlikebeckham: i won the hair lottery

benditlikebeckham: i'm serious!

benditlikebeckham: i showed you my back

kungfumike: I bet you're mother had to shave your back when you were a baby

benditlikebeckham: it's not hair, i even have a tramp stamp to show that I'm so proud

benditlikebeckham: i told you how my bf, wanted to shave that one baby

benditlikebeckham: it was born with a unibrow

benditlikebeckham: and back hair

benditlikebeckham: i looked like a worm

kungfumike: yes, it was probably your nephew

benditlikebeckham: hahahaha

benditlikebeckham: i was all wrinkly and bald

benditlikebeckham: and long and skinny

benditlikebeckham: kinda like, now, but i'm not bald

benditlikebeckham: and i'm not really wrinkly

benditlikebeckham: just a little wrinkly

kungfumike: You looked like an Ewok with a bindi

benditlikebeckham: when I was born?

benditlikebeckham: haha

benditlikebeckham: but my cousin and her boyfriend are going to spit out furballs when they have children

benditlikebeckham: they are both soooo hairy

kungfumike: I'm sure when you are done taking a shower that your drain looks like a cat is sleeping in it.

benditlikebeckham: oh, you're killing me

kungfumike: Not as much as you're killing Baloo with your antics, Mowgli.

benditlikebeckham: is that the Jungle Book?

kungfumike: yeah

benditlikebeckham signed off at 3:01 p.m.

Posted by KungFu Mike at 9:02 PM

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